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About Us

Foundation was established in June 2016 - with a specific idea to deliver the best immigration services and registered as "VIAVIFA" in the year 2018 and is based in Bangalore; professional Immigration law firm providing proficient advice and services with vast experience of more than 10 Years. Since January 2018, we have been known as one of the dependent and trusted Immigration Service providers and we have indexed an admirable growth and success in these past few years. We offer all types of Visas, Overseas Education, Resettlement and Immigration Consulting Services to all the qualified applicants across the globe; Onshore and Offshore.

VIAVIFA Global Immigration Services is a group of dedicated and ethical professionals with first-hand experience into Overseas Education and Immigration Consulting Industry since 2011, managing all type of immigration issues faced by the students and potential migrants, and are well versed with current rules and laws of every country and oversee due process with the intention of delivering our clients a win-win situation and 100% service and success rate for their migration needs.

With support of our team’s experience and knowledge, we guide all our applicant in decide the acceptable trail to choose and accomplish their wish and dream destination to make the most of their career and future to effect a profound and lasting change in their lifestyle including their family members in those desired countries and thereafter, we also assist them through-out this immigration documentation process journey to avoid any complication without any hassles as it is subject to frequent changes in immigration law. Also, we lead the way in providing assistance to the students who are interested in pursuing their education in abroad countries of their choice. You can fill-up our free online visa assessment to receive immigration advice and enquire about our comprehensive visa documentation procedure services.

We work with the clients as a team, as we do with our work colleagues, to endow with support and hold their hands at every step of immigration and settlement process. We also build their capabilities and confidence by providing several skills development techniques and tips such as an employment readiness course and various other skill enhancements training to familiarise them towards the overseas job market, even before they land in their country of choice.

There is no alternative for the well-off experience since the standard practice of each consultant is not less than five years, which means you will be prearranged with the best consultancy, advisory and support in every step of immigration and settlement process. These personnel with their privileged skills and capabilities will ensure that you realise your dreams in the shortest possible time and in the most hassle free and smooth manner. So, leave everything on us and be rest assured of your dreams coming true.

Our Deliverables

  • We offer open counselling sessions at no cost, which includes all the required and relevant information with reference to visa options associated with the country based on their requirement in which our prospect clients stand qualified. Additionally, we pursue an open-ended question from our prospect aspirants so that they can have all their questions answered.
  • Determining and applying for the most appropriate visa categories for individuals who intend to migrate and stay temporarily or permanently in different countries for studying, employment or other business-related reasons.
  • Assess your Immigration Eligibility Criteria for chosen country based on the credentials of your profile along with a “chock–a–block” assessment including an explanation of visa options, requirements, charges and step by step migration process. We also share with you the precise calculation of scores for the countries which have a points-based system.
  • Assist in completing the documentation process of skill assessment based on relevant work experience and evaluation of their qualification from and by the designated professional bodies and/or educational institutions in the country of immigration.
  • We share an all-inclusive document checklist and illustration of all the required documents before filing or submitting any application and keep apprising about the processing time, funds and procedure of filing the application.
  • Research and preparation of the complete immigration case and documentation process, including drafting the work experience reference letters/certificates content (with the client’s support), along with communication on behalf of patrons and liaison with the Immigration Department.
  • Review and identify all the required documents and supporting evidence before the submission of online/offline applications throughout the process; no matter how complex a visa case may appear, we endeavour our skills and experience to analyse the ambiguity and work to ease the case, without affecting the re-settlement regulations.
  • We deliver the comprehensive case filing throughout the entire process with the support of all the required documents and proof along with the submission report to the processing visa office post receipt of all requisite documents from the client.
  • Guidance on professional and skilled licensing or registration necessities along with preparation of the exams to be taken in order to get a licence or registration for any regulated occupations required in the migrating countries during the settlement process.
  • Assist in re-framing of resume along with cover letter as per the international standard format along with preparing of the job interviews and helping in registering and connecting with local certified online/offline Job Placement Companies or Recruitment Consultancies.
  • Taking care of all correspondence with the Processing Centre until your Visa is issued along with helping and guiding you with any Immigration Problems.
  • Throughout the immigration process and as part of our services, we take care of Notary Service, Translation Service, Transcript Service, Student Education Loan, IELTS/PTE Exam Slot Booking, Banking Services, International SIM Card, Forex Assistance, Travel Insurance and many more.
  • Client Assistance Program provides a direct one-on-one comprehensive information and referral assistance on basic needs and safety net services.
  • Guidance on an entitled officially permitted permanent residents and citizens in applying for a broad range of immigration services including guiding the clients though the citizenship process
  • We classify advanced orientation sessions hosted by our counsellors to guide you about your destination country along with its social lifestyle and culture, banking and health services, education system, travelling and many more.
  • Proactively keep them posted of any changes in client's status with the High Commission or Processing body and notify them about every subsequent change in the immigration laws in any following state of affairs applicable to meet the selection criteria
  • Assistance of post landing services such as airport and port of entry set of laws and procedures, pick-up from Airport upon arrival, subsidised rooms at Welcome Homes against charges, help in opening a Bank Account along with Credit Card, obtaining of Driving Licence and Government Card, finding education institutes for children along with its facilities available as per visa, arranging insurance services, public transport card valid for one week and many other services.

Reason Being Opting Our Services

  • Available 24X7 to guide and support you
  • Maximum Visa Grants with 94% Success Rate
  • Affordable and Nominal Processing/Service Fee
  • We emphasis only on service level rather than business dealing
  • Experienced and Competent Professional Consultants/Counsellors
  • Offer Free Counselling with complete informative Eligibility Assessment Report
  • Error – Free, Excellence in Execution and quality service visa processing with determined probabilities of approval
  • Set the right expectations by assisting step-by-step guidance throughout the process along with Sense of Urgency
  • No counterfeit assurance, we only consider eligible and qualified profiles to proceed with further visa and immigration process
  • Registered and reliable Consultancy Service firm, associated with the immigration lawyers and other regulatory body of all abroad countries
  • 100% transparency along with upfront and accurate information and updates about the complete process at every stage, also educating them on each aspect of the process which gives them enormous fulfilment

Our Mission, Vision And Value

We work hard to accomplish our goals together as a team with a strong communal determination. We are committed to delivering the services to our clients and being there when it requires and matters the most. Every day we learn, improve and live our values to put our reputation in the industry to make sure of our business growth, satisfaction and success. We as a team constantly believe in carrying an optimistic attitude and a passion for working together with our clients to achieve the results. Being responsive, signifying an ownership and courage, we embrace ourselves to the highest standards of excellence and honour our assurance. Our veracity, morality and transparency are at the heart of everything which we do for our clients by creating an environment of belief and confidence by listening first and welcoming diverse perspectives. We advance our skills and inspire them to become more creative, reasonable and resilient to trust the power of individuals to originate and take calculated risks.

Our Mission

Turn out to be the preferred, satisfactory on all aspects and chosen visa – immigration service provider corporation around the world by applying insight, delivering quality service and novelty to create sustainable growth and success in the service industry. Furthermore, to deliver the best advice and support to the clients who are aspiring to immigrate and study in the most qualified destination , thus fulfilling clients’ overseas dreams and empowering their families.

Our Vision

To turn out to be a leading advisory company by delivering expert guidance to the aspirants and making them successful global citizens. Furthermore, clear understanding of client’s profile to check their eligibility to migrate abroad countries and make them comfortable by creating an environment of trust and keeping them transparent in terms of immigration process cycle inclusive of answering their various questions that come up related to immigration facts and regularly keeping them informed and posted related to their online/offline visa application and immigration process.


We put our clients’ interests “ALWAYS” first to adhere to the highest standards of truthfulness, veracity and reliability. We maintain confidentiality of all our clients' information and circumstances. We deliver only those services for which our firm is competent and that provide full value for the client.

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